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Office Combined insurance

Office Combined insurance allows you to combine all of your office insurance needs into one simple package. It offers protection against claims for accident and injury, property damage and business interruption, all within a single policy.


What does it cover?

Office Combined insurance will cover you for:

  • Property Damage - If any of the Property Insured described in the Schedule suffers Damage at the Premises by any of the Covers insured the Company will in accordance with the provisions of the insurance pay to the Insured the amount of loss or at its option reinstate or replace such property.
  • Business Interruption - Covers you for loss of income following an insured event such as a fire, storm, flood etc. Business Interruption cover aims to put your business back in the same trading position occupied before the damage occurred.
  • Liability - Both Employers' Liability and Public/Product Liability.



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