People Placement Protection (PPP)

Recruitment candidates

We live in a world where ‘claim follows blame’ and in such a litigious environment, it's wise for staffing companies to have recruitment agency insurance in place.

Failure to conduct proper candidate background checks, a temporary worker damaging third party property, a former employee suing for unfair dismissal are just a few examples agency owners need to guard against. Each of these scenario's has the potential to cause considerable financial harm if a disgruntled client or employee claims damages for financial loss. The associated legal fees and compensation payments could knock out one's business in a flash.

And it's just not about protecting business assets. As more contractual conditions are now placed on recruitment agencies by the clients they serve, it's almost impossible to become a preferred supplier without adequate insurance. So recruitment agency insurance shouldn't be seen as an unnecessary business expense, rather an effective risk management tool that can help protect your company, boost turnover and attract new clients.

Agency Insure - Cost Effective Cover At Affordable Prices

Agency Insure is a leading provider of recruitment agency insurance solutions to the staffing industry in the UK. Our policies offer comprehensive coverage to ensure your business enjoys maximum protection at all times. They are specifically designed to serve the insurance needs of small to medium sized agencies with premiums start from just £180 per annum.

Products available through our recruitment agency insurance scheme include professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance & employers liability insurance. You have the freedom to chose coverage levels that meet your needs a budget. Applying for cover is easy and hassle free. You can get instant quotes, buy cover and print out your policy documentation online in a few minutes. Why not compare our prices by getting your recruitment agency insurance quote here today.

Run your people business with complete peace of mind, buy recruitment agency insurance & watch it flourish!


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