Recruitment Agency Insurance – Policies to protect you and your business

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Recruitment agencies certainly face a multitude of risks in providing staffing solutions to clients. Agency Insure understands these risks, which is why our recruitment agency insurance policies offer the best protection for your business.

For example; failure to obtain correct background checks on a prospective candidate could have severe financial consequences as this example illustrates.

A company hired a receptionist through a recruitment agency. The receptionist, with the help of her husband, attempted a fraud worth £1,500,000 but was caught beforehand. It appeared that the lady did not have a good employment history, so the client sued the recruitment agency for breach of contract (not doing a proper reference check) claiming £280,000.

Thanks to the appropriate professional indemnity insurance cover, the recruitment agency was able to meet the legal expenses without it affecting their business.

For just a few pounds a day it pays to protect your business against such claims of negligence. Our tailored policies not only protect your business against the unexpected, they can also help you win more business as clients are much more likely to select your agency as a preferred supplier if you have the correct insurances in place. In fact, most clients now insist on this in their contract terms.

Rates available through Agency Insure start from only £180 p.a, which is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind. With policies underwritten by Markel® we are able to provide the very best support. Our recruitment agency insurance products include, professional indemnity insurance, public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance.


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