Your guide to Recruitment Agency Insurance

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In today's litigious society, recruitment and employment agencies are exposed to all number of risks. Employee's getting injured at work, a contractor working negligently, a client claiming wool has been pulled over their eyes regarding a candidates qualifications. The scope for recruitment agencies being sued is huge.

Fortunately, our Recruitment Agency Insurance is there to smooth things out if bad luck strikes. Most policies provide excellent protection at competitive prices, so you can insure your agency against all eventualities without breaking the bank. The main covers to opt for when taking out recruitment agency insurance are;

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addresses the legal costs of defending claims and meeting compensation payments that may arise from negligent advice or services provided by a business or an employee.

Public Liability Insurance - Covers your agency against legal proceedings should a member of the public be injured or client property damaged as a result of negligence by your company.

Employers' Liability Insurance - Covers the cost of compensation should an employee get injured or ill whilst working in connection with your business. £5 million Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for all businesses.

Cyber Liability and Crime Insurance - Protect your businesses against the threat of cyber-crime. Whether you are a sole trader working from home or an established high street employment agency it pays to have adequate insurance in place to protect you and your business, so you can continue to thrive.

Insurance helps take some of the worry and stress out of running your business and can also help your business to grow. You should be aware that it is difficult to acquire preferred supplier status without proving to clients that you have suitable cover in place.

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