Employers Liability Insurance for Recruitment Agencies

Candidate placement working in a food factory

Businesses can become beset with high rates of employee attrition, wrongful hiring claims, workplace violence, sexual harassment accusations, employee thefts, employee injury claims... and more! 

Therefore, Employers Liability insurance is a very important risk management tool for recruitment agencies as well. You might be providing employee solutions to other companies, but your employees are your responsibility and the UK law says that an employer MUST have EL insurance and be insured for at least £5,000,000.

Even if you operate as a sole trader and only occasionally hire temporary workers you must still have it. At Agency Insure, we offer standard cover of £10,000,000 at very competitive rates.

Employers' Liability insurance for recruitment agencies provides financial protection in the event one of your employees suffers personal injury at work. It will meet the cost of legal fee's AND compensation payments if the court believes the injuries were through the fault/negligence of the employer.


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